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The center of a flower is like an alien world. A captivating display of colors and textures. I have always had an affection for flowers and photography. Macroflowers is a combination of the passion I have for both of these things. I hope you enjoy your stay!

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New Photos Added!

I have added a selection of some of the final shots from our 1000+ (!) macro photographs that we took in Tropical North Queensland (Australia) last year. These can be found in the flowers and textures. Hope you like them!


Website Created!

We recently travelled to Tropical North Queensland (Australia) were i acquired several different subject ranging from tropical flowers, butterflies and textures.

While in Tropical North Queensland we visited The Carins Botanical Gardens where we were delighted to find some quite amazing flora and folage. We also visted the Butterfly Sanctuary in Kuranda photographing some of the beautiful and incredibly large tropical butterflies that live there.

I will be adding some of these photos shortly.



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